27 April 2008

My time off with my folks

I've spent the last few days with my parents, as I am on transfer leave and will report to Japan and my ship in about a week. I've had a good time with my parents, and we've just done whatever, nothing special, no extravagant events, just hanging out, doing whatever they would have been doing had I not been here. Going to garage sales, driving out to the beach to have dinner, watching television. I think it makes them feel good to just have me around as much as possible, but I hope the moment when I do leave its not too hard on them.

I spent some time with my brother today also, as he came garage sale hunting with us. Not much to look at, garage sales were poor today, but I only look for specific stuff, be that new computer stuff, guns and ammo, tools, knives, and any police/military memorabilia. I love old military patches and uniforms, they fascinate me.

If its not obvious, I've changed the direction of this blog, there will still be gun-related posts, but not as often, and it will be a more general daily life blog.

I surprised my wife today, I bought myself a wedding ring. Those of you who are close to us will of course know that I lost the titanium ring she bought me when we were married, as it was sized to my size ten finger I had when I was still near 280. As I shortly therafter lost nearly 100 pounds to join the Navy, my finger shrank, but I continued to wear the ring, until one day while kayaking with my family off Neah Bay I discovered I had lost the ring in the ocean. This was very tough on my wife and she has not felt right with me not having a ring. "Gotta keep the hoe's off you" she says, and I agree, we don't want any hoe's coming up and trying to steal me away, hehe. Anyway, I'll wrap this first new general post up with that, and hopefully this new direction will lead to something good.

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