08 July 2008

Workin 9 to 5

So, I've been on the ship now for a couple weeks, and I'm still learning where a lot of stuff is, but it will all come to me in time. I've gotten to jump right into some stuff I would never have imagined myself being responsible for. I'm standing duty, mustering personnel, reporting to the CMC and officers, things only the high ups at my old command did, I'm handling. All the folks I work with are great, we all get along well. I think I'm going to enjoy ship life. I've even gotten to sleep in my rack a bit, and its not that bad. Here is a picture of what a single rack unit looks like in berthing. Mine is like the middle one. This picture would be impossible to take in my area though, because there are three more about three feet across from mine, and two more sets to the left. The next picture will explain.

We not only have the wall lockers you see at the end, but we have "coffin lockers" which are underneath our mattress. There is a hinge at the back and you open it much like an old-style desk in school.

Here is an example of how many racks are in a small space, and there are dozens of units like this throughout several different berthings on the ship.

For more pictures, and a humorous explanation on how you to can experience shipboard life, click on this link. http://www.midwaysailor.com/military/shiplife.html

I found it very funny, and all too true.

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