29 September 2008

My Son...

My Son... does many funny and cute things throughout the day. I thought I might try to capture some of them and share. He is quite expressive, in many ways. He may not always get his point across, but he sure lets you know he has one.

So, here are some examples of what I've seen my son do. He...

Yawns. Its really quite cute.

Has a hairy back. Kind of like Grandpa Mark. Is it sad that my son has more body hair than I do, because he does.

Sleeps really well, when he wants to. And when he is asleep, he is ASLEEP.

Takes naps with Daddy. Daddy can't wait to do this at home, and not in an uncomfortable hospital bed.

Gets angry. I call this his "consternated face".

Waves his arms while he sleeps, usually because he startles himself. Not enough to wake up, just enough to jump and throw his arms in the air. Really funny. Check out the cool baby Jedi robe. Unfortunately, they are hospital property, and I couldn't get it into Emily's purse before the army of nurses saw we'd changed him and snatched it up.

He also makes funny faces while he sleeps, sometimes right after scaring himself.

He does many more things, they just haven't been captured on camera yet. He squirms a lot, when he's not asleep.

I have to keep a good grip on him, he tried to escape once, no kidding, and can actually push himself away from me with his arms, a little.

He doesn't like hats, because a surefire way to get him to calm down is to take his off.

He doesn't like to sleep alone, because if he's in his bassinet, he'll holler and fuss, but if he lays down with Mom or Dad, he's just fine.

He can kick, well, sort of, he straightens his legs out and kind of does a bicycle thing if he's really angry.

He doesn't seem like he's only two days old, probably because we treated him like a baby when he was still in the womb. The day goes by fast just hanging out with him and Emily. It has made things easier though, because he knows our voices well and responds to them.

There will of course be more to follow, this is just what I did today.

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Rhianna said...

How exciting Brandon! I am so happy for both you and Emily! Treasure every moment, you'd be surprised how fast it goes! :) I love seeing pictures... :)

Tell Em Congrats from me and that I am so happy for her! :)