29 September 2008


So, everyone is asking about the infamous JapDreamy that Emily keeps talking about. Well, his name is Sakita-san, (san doesnt mean Mr., its just a suffix for someone's surname, it can mean Mr., Mrs., etc.)or Doctor Sakita (I believe that is how its spelled, have only heard it spoken and seen it written in kanji). He is very cool, very nice, very young. He has an excellent rapport with Em and talks to her very comfortably, so much so I think it intimidates him when I'm around, so I just keep to myself and nod when he says stuff. He speaks good English, but like many Japanese, they are shy, and nervous to speak to us in our language, afraid they don't speak it like we do. They know they learn book English, and we don't speak anything like book English, so they are always excited to pick our brains for words they don't know. Its fun to talk to them. Em and I try to use Japanese and they try to use English and we all laugh. Anyway, a picture of Sakita-San and Jackson is below.

Current update is that everything is well and Emily is up and around today, fully off pain meds. Only two days of painkillers is impressive even for her. She says she feels way better than she did after her surgery last summer, but this was more difficult. I think the payoff for this one makes it a better deal all around. It looks like we'll be getting out of the hospital on Friday or Saturday, according to Sakita-san.

The Japanese word of the day is Otokonoko/Otokonohito which roughly means boy/man, respectivly. I've been using my Japanese software, so I'll try to include a new useful word from now on.


The Gardner Family said...

Congratulations on becoming parents! Its such a fun ride, enjoy!! Boys are just a blast, I know Jackson is gonna be tons of fun and he will love you guys!

Take care.. Daniel, Sarah & Justice

allison said...

congrats Brandon and Emily! I keep checking the blogs to see if there is any new pics of baby Jackson! What a cutie! And what a trooper Emily is!