27 October 2008


So, Emily calls me and says "Guess what your son is doing?". Naturally I know my son is awesome so I prepare myself. She said he was feeding himself by holding his own bottle.

Now, those of you who know us are aware we are fervent breastfeeding advocates, as there is no replacement for the natural food that was meant to be fed to children. Recently though Emily has found that Jackson sleeps better at night if he has a bottle of formula as his evening meal so we've been supplementing breast milk with some formula.

So, I know that every parent thinks their child is super in some way or another, but my boy seems to consistently do new and amazing things every day, or so Emily tells me. I believe her, as I've seen him roll himself over at two weeks, and demonstrate incredible newborn strength by lifting his head and pushing off my chest with his arms and legs several times. I unfortunately have to go with the photograph I am about to post, to see my son do his latest amazing feat, with more to follow I'm sure. So, here you are, my son, superbaby.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what other super powers he will have as he grows? I hope he gets laser vision.


Jackson is amazing Brandon.