17 November 2008

Church is fun.

I love the feeling you have after an excellent church service. When the pastor finished today I felt like jumping up and grabbing a flag and charging out to battle. Really motivating.

Well, let me go back a bit, explain things. For those of you who may not know, I love Jesus. I have been saved since mid-July of 2001, and love talking about my walk before and after that time with anyone who will listen. I also love hearing the testimonies of others.

I've had the opportunity to attend services in churches ranging from a dirt floor chapel in Mexico in a city barely recognized by the Mexican government, to worshiping in the largest church in the San Antonio area, John Hagee's Cornerstone Church (which is awesome, I highly recommend you attend).

I have been able to participate in some amazing things, none of which would have been possible prior to my salvation. I have helped build a church near the one I mentioned above in Mexico. I was able to be on the ground in New York two months after 9/11 and work with the Salvation Army to give gifts to children of families who had lost their jobs due to the tragedy, and in the same trip, I was able to feed 9/11 workers, firemen, and policemen who were helping to recover remains from the site. Those are two of my most memorable moments that God made possible for me to participate in and I'm sure they will be dwarfed by things He will call me to in the future.

I'm not trying to say "I am great" but that He is great for allowing me to be a part of these missions and actions. They would have been done had I not been there, by someone else who would have answered His call. I am thankful I was listening at the time to hear myself called.

The reason I am writing all of this is I want so share the joy I've been able to have while I've been a Christian. I am not one to push my beliefs on others, on the contrary, I very strongly believe in the free will to choose your life. I've chosen His path, and I'd love to tell you more about it.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. God bless.