09 May 2008


Well, I felt my first real loyalty to this place and its people today.

I was having breakfast, and I observed some civilians, I imagine they were contractors or GS's, in the restaurant, and in my opinion, they were incredibly rude to the Japanese waiter. They didn't do anything purposeful, they were just uninformed and ignorant.

They came into the Harbor View Club with a large group and informed a waiter they had a group of nine coming. He of course immediately proceeded to go set up an area for them so they could sit together, as they are awesome, as I've mentioned before. The group however, disregarded his efforts completely and just sat at two tables near my wife and I.

I had a hard time not standing up and approaching the civilian I observed to be in charge and informing him of their error. As I have not been here long, I am not about to make waves of this size quite yet, but if I saw something like this six months to a year from now, stand by.

I can definitely am feeling attached here, and I like it, but don't worry mom, I still plan to come home after this tour.

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