27 May 2008

RIP Sydney Pollack

A great American director has died. Sydney Pollack succumbed to cancer on Monday and he will be sorely missed. He directed some of my favorite movies, Jeremiah Johnson and Out of Africa being the foremost.

I remember the first time I saw Jeremiah Johnson, it was a movie night at the gun shop and having Mike, John, and Dave there to tell me what I was missing by having never seen it made it all that much better.

I can't remember how many times I've sat with my mother and seen Out of Africa, and in discovering Sydney's death, I've learned my wife has not seen it so we'll be purchasing it soon.

I did finally get her to see The Usual Suspects, and as always she amazes me in her movie intuition. Do you know who Keyser Soze is?

I digress, my sympathies and thoughts go to his family, and I hope he suffered little in the end.

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