19 May 2008

Weekend Fun

On Saturday we went into town and cruised the arcade, which is what they call the big shopping area. After getting some food, we took the plunge and got cellphones, and all I can say is wow.

The deals over here make Verizon look like an evil conglomerate.

The phones make the ones we left behind in the states look like cups with string.

I can watch live tv on my phone, it has an English/Japanese translator, word processor, GPS, internet, email, and who knows what else that I just haven't found. Now, getting past the Japanese menus takes a big, but once you get it switched over its ok. The manuals are only in Japanese so you kind of have to hit buttons and see what they do, hehe. The phone is amazing though, its a Sharp 922SH by Softbank. I'll be sending my odd number out to those who know who they are.

On Sunday, we went on our fishing trip, which was essentially, get dropped off at the reservoir while the rest of the people went on a hike up the mountain. We got a bit of sun, some of us too much (sorry Em.) and didn't catch any fish, but it was fun, we saw some beautiful country.

That evening we had yakiniku for dinner, which is like the Japanese barbecue I talked about a while ago. They bring plates of sliced raw meat, and you cook it on a grill. Lots of fun. Its a gas grill so it cooks quickly and like I said before, no restaurant in the states would allow unsupervised danger like that, way too much liability. The Japanese have enough honor to know if you are dumb and burn yourself, its your fault, not the restaurant's.

We are just relaxing today, I mustered this morning and will in the afternoon. Nothing else going on that I know of today, might catch a movie tonight or something.

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